Manufacturing processes

Situated in Ebro valley and its foothills in Moncayo, This Spanish Company is situated in a most privileged location allowing access not only to Aragon’s rosemary fields, but also access to the summer mountain floral within its region. Being in a privileged logistic location, there is unfettered access to all the other region like areas of the Mediterranean, the plateaus of Castilla, or the Cantabrico heaths.

100% of all our production follows the traditional elaboration processes, combined with the latest technology. The process begins with the careful exploitation of our close to 3000 hives where hundreds of thousands of the “Apis melífera” species of bee collecting the nectar of all the different flora which is taken back to the hives where they create Honey, Wax and Jelly.

Honey is a food product wise process starts with the plant, which produces the nectar mainly in the interior base of the flower. Once the bees have pollinated it the nectar is taken held in the bee’s honey sac to the hive and stored in the honeycombs cells where the honey finishes maturing which are then collected by the beekeeper. The honey is extracted, and the cells are cleaned for the bees to use again. The process is finalised with filtering of the Honey and its packaging.