With the close to 3000 Hives that Apicola Cuartero S.L. has distributed over Spain’s vast geographical expanse ensuring that “Mieles del Tio Juan Cruz” encompass exceptionally large variety of flora in the most diverse ecosystems so the bees can pollinate.

From the Aragon territory, we take advantage of our flora such as Rosemary, and Pink Thyme, the first produces a noticeably clear and smooth tasting honey with a pleasant aromatic aftertaste; the second with a defined amber colour and sweet taste with touches of acidity.

The Mountain ranges offer a different type of varieties, such the Lavender Honey, with powerful refreshing qualities; Heather with an Amber-Red colour and profound taste; Eucalyptus Highly aromatic with a woody taste; Red Lavender, smooth taste and perfumed aroma; Blackberry honeydew, Rare and Exclusive Honey purely from the juicy blackberry’s; Oak and Holm Oak honeydew, dark colour and profound taste due to its high content in Iron.

The Mediterranean zones also boast a flower nectar that is very attractive to bees. The Spanish Eastern, regions produce the Orange Blossom, or Orange tree, loquat, and lemon tree, producing a very fine and aromatic citric taste of honey.

The Spanish Plateaus gift us with such flora like the Sunflower, the Savoury herb plant, White lavender, and Wild lavender. The First of which has a clear light amber colour, sweet taste a floral bouquet with traces of oil. The second a dense honey a tending to a dark colour and superior quality.

From the prairies of the Ebro valley, we have the “Wildflower” Honey’s as well as Alfalfa. Like its namesake our “Wildflower” honey comes from loads of different flowers that grow wild in the valley.

The other plants that are used to create Miel del Tio Juan Cruz are Linden, which produces yellow colour honeys smooth with a fragrant bouquet. The Chestnut which the wise bees know to extract and convert into a dark honey with a balsamic taste; y Acacia, which produces a crystalline thin liquid, with a smooth taste that awards the taste buds an incomparable sweetness.