Apícola Cuartero way of work is based on excellence in the production of honey and on preserving the flavor, as well as in the care of bees and hives to favor that they produce the maximum amount of honey of the highest possible quality.

It is a family company that focuses on maintaining high standards in their products, whose production is based on ecological principles: respect nature and what it offers, living with her but without aggression. It also seeks to recover the traditional crafts to inhabit again the places that were deserted.

At the time of current globalization, in which there has been a loss of diversity in products and crops, Apícola Cuartero proposes to maintain and recover the traditional flavors, that land resources are presented in packaging with all its value. The goal is to stand out from the standard products that appear continuously and whose flavor ends up being the same again and again. Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz has the value of nature as a differentiating factor: you can notice different shades from one harvest to another but always under the most demanding quality standards.