Beekeeping in Spain is a challenging profession where in the present day you have to deal various risks which threaten our bee’s existence, like climate change, industrial agriculture, monocultures (less availability and diversity of sustenance for insects) and the use of systemic toxic pesticides.

Bees have a fundamental role in the upkeep of our eco-systems riches around the world therefore beekeeping is of the utmost importance and the proliferation and repopulation of these insects. As well a food production like the earths biodiversity they depend largely on pollination, a natural process that allows flowers to be fertilized and in turn give us the fruit and its seeds. Bees are responsible for most of this process.


Despite the importance this has their population is diminishing enormously. For this reason, Apicola Cuartero S.l. rejects all types of pesticides harmful to bees and around soon to be pollinated flowers, supporting a new model of agriculture respectful, sustainable, as ecological as possible, distancing ourselves from the industrial agricultural model which large multinational corporations wish to impose. It is for this that for a long time Apicola Cuartero S.L. looks to rest its hives only on wild, unadulterated, and clean locations, selected after searching through the vast locations empty, abandoned that remain scattered across Spain.